We both were born in Salzburg / Austria where we still live and create our music. Our main influences come from Post Rock and Doom, and we wanted to create melodic, atmospheric but also rough and sometimes brutal sounding mixture of our own style. We are only two persons, and played all the instruments ourselves, did some drum recordings in our hometown Salzburg first, and then recorded the guitars, bass and keyboards in our own little 'studio' ( also known as: at home ). We also feature two guest musicians - which is a big honor to us - on our first EP: Loic Rossetti who sang on the last two 'The Ocean' Albums 'Heliocentric' and 'Anthropocentric' appears on Track 3 & 4 with some vocals and Christian Huber from Salzburg, who is mainly known as 'WACH, Sounds Of Earth, Tod Durch Arbeit' with his own Ambient / Noise Project and released three Albums on various Labels, made the Intro Track for Song 1 & 2.                                                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Gentle as waves, that break at the shoreline in a mild autumn afternoon. Monumental and frightening as a thunderstorm in the open sea in a cold and chilly night. Such is the sound of [ Sea Of Disorder ]  from Salzburg. The two guys from Austria are one of the few – if not the only – band from this region that dedicated their work to the darker side of sound. But not only do you find rough and brutal sounding doom soundwalls, but also some places of light, where the ears can take a break and where the mind creates pictures of beautiful sunsets and the soul gets soothed. And just these two extremes is the sound, they wanted to create on their first self-title EP called ~ Sea Of Disorder ~ which is a concept album using lots of maritime themes to describe how ‘something’ (  which is to be defined by the listener himself  ) is awakening deep below the sea as a metaphor for the feelings - weather good or bad – in everyones’ self, that are suppress from everyday life influences.